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State Deputies and KofC Leaders Gather to Discuss Membership

Supreme Knight announces membership milestone and addresses future path for the Order

What Happens If You Live?

Thanks to marvelous innovations in medical technology, and advances in living and working conditions, many of us will enjoy long, prosperous lives. With average life expectancies on the rise, there’s a lot to be grateful for and look forward to.

Historic Milestones for K of C Insurance

Historic Milestones for K of C Insurance

A New Career Path to Consider

A career with the Knights of Columbus could be the missing piece for your peace of mind.

A Portfolio of Protection

Over the course of the last 132 years, the products and protection offered by the Knights of Columbus to members and their families have grown to meet changing needs.

Why We Offer Insurance

Before you think about how you and your family would use life insurance, how your council members can benefit from our insurance program, or what products and options you would need, there’s a more basic question that needs to be answered: Why do the Knights of Columbus care about life insurance?

The Supreme Knight Reflects on the Order's Insurance Program

I think it is a testament to three things: the quality of our business, the trust our members have in the Knights of Columbus, and our dedicated agents who represent us in the field.

Mobilizing for Christians in the Middle East

The Christian family must be supported in its vital role in the life and mission of the Church

New Documentary on Our Lady of Guadalupe to Air on ABC This Fall

A new documentary film narrated by actor Jim Caviezel offers original insights into the details, story and impact of the 16th century apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe — one of the most recognizable religious icons in the American hemisphere.

Insurance for Young Knights

Insurance for Young Knights